By just having a glance at the above-mentioned topic, you must have pre-assumed me as an ANTI-NATIONAL, ULTRA LEFTIST, and so on. But have patience. I am anyway not flouting the fact that INDIA is the biggest Democratic, republic, and secular nation. We have entered into the 72nd Year of the Republican concept since (26 Jan 1950) our longest written constitution came into force.


Dear Readers, let me give a pellucid explanation that will justify my perspective and vision. When we say India is a Republic nation; it simply means that we live under no barriers and have all the rights to freedom, liberty, equality… and hence nobody can suppress us legally and ethically as well. It’s pretty much important to know the valid reason for this auspicious celebration which basically commemorates the existence of the constitution which came into force on 26th JAN 1950. Theoretically, though we are having a tag of republic nation, practically we are not REPUBLIC actually; It is because of mendacious propaganda of people in power, surreptitious relationship between Media houses and Corrupt politicians, and so on. It ravages our democracy, freedom of thought, and expression… which falls under a fence of characteristics of a republic nation. 

Let me draw your attention towards a few instances and then ask yourself, where do we stand now? In the past 1 year, we have witnessed two mass protests against govt acts; which abrogates their constitutional rights. Yes, I am talking about the CAA-NRC protest and ongoing protest against FARM LAWS. Article 14 and 15 of the constitution says that the state shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sex, place of birth and when we felt that we were being divided on the basis of our respective religions with an act called citizenship amendment act. Then we arose against it and exercised our democratic rights which obviously is a factor of a republic country. On Sept 2020 (HATHRAS GANG RAPE), a Rape victim was cremated without the family’s consent. Now the major point of concern is that If we practically live in a Republican nation we might not have faced these social evils these frequently and by now lawmakers must have understood If the made and implemented laws are an advantage for the disadvantaged groups by at least following the culture of debate discourse in Parliament rather exhibiting their fascist nature of power.


It’s really inane and ridiculous to note that in spite of having such vast and extend rights mentioned in our constitution to a common people but on the ground we fail utterly while exercising it, it’s a bitter truth of this nation. It is the need of the hour to reiterate the fading enthusiasm among young people. Now it’s purely upon us how we uphold our constitutional rights and let’s pledge NOT to make REPUBLIC INDIA a false narrative among us.

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