Early Marriages vs late marriages who are more successful in life.

There is no universal law for anyone they say what time is best for marriage in our society when you pass their legal adult age now you are eligible for marriage there are lots of factors are depending on marriage we are talking about some of them step by step.

Why Marriage

The Very first season is their physical needs. Now we all know that when you enter the age of nineteen to twenty-five the physical urge is very strong in your body. You need a partner to fulfill it. The season is the same for both partners. The second reason is their an emotional need in female case she wants a partner who understands their fillings give the value of they talk about. The third one is making food, yes making food. It sounds cheap but it true AF. the reason is when men go to the city to doing work and make money off it they have no time to make their own food washing clothes and take care of themselves. marriage is the ultimate solution to it. Basically, this is the main reason for starting a family 

How Success Depend on Marriages

After the marriages, the main thing they got ignore is their personal growth without self-development nobody can successful as they want in married life they fulfill almost all needs and stop thinking about growing up both totally depend on each other to fulfill it when you depend on anything think in your life this is very dangers because now your control in others hand and they control your happiness, fillings, mood, behavior. 

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