Attention: A Drug Addiction

Attention decides your 90 percent of life, how it goes and how much you will achieve success in your life. Understand the very important rule: when anyone gives attention your mind releases the same chemical and they give you pleasure and happiness.

Attention plays a very dynamic role in every aspect of this universe. Attention is the very main substance of creation. Attention helps in learning and focusing on one thing. 

In this article, we are learning about how attention becomes an addiction like a drug. When we are born we receive lots of attention from our family and friends. Physiology says between the ages of one to eight years children receive very good attention from their family and friends. Everyone touches you and gives you a hug and talks to you and plays with you when you are a child. This process can develop a need for attention when attention stops coming. We are starting to get attracted to it, we are starting shouting, crying, etc. 

How Attention can become an addiction

Now I am talking about how attention becomes bad at a certain level of time. Attention works on your subconscious level of the brain. Social Media is a pure attention game. Some girls open their clothes in front of the camera just because they want the attention of more people. They upload nudes images that show our bodies very openly and that kind of image services a very high amount of attention on social sites. People are lost their state of mind just because of grabbing attention more and more they are doing more stupid things to grab any kind of attention no matter it’s positive or negative. If you try to stop using social media and stop uploading pics you feel anxiety, depression, loneliness, you become sad and you cannot control doing the same thing again on social sites. This is called attention addiction. Attention gives the same level of pleasure to your mind. There are so many ways to overcome it.


The first way to overcome to you increase the awareness level and understand what happens with your mind. learn how to live alone and read lots of books related to self-development  book are very helpful to find the way you looking for and decide what do you want to achieve in your life and start working for it

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