A illusionary trap of SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are the biggest trap for beginners in their digital marketing Careers. Seo is not about only creating backlinks and also there is no big role in ranking but employees are working on 4 or 5 hours to create it. This is a pure waste of time because you depend on only one factor of ranking. You forget your goals for your company. The main goal of an organization is to sell and sales come from lead and lead comes to engagement and engagement comes from traffic the main motive to come traffic first the many ways to come traffic.


The first is to promote your content as much as possible, start Email Marketing, share articles on social sites, start running google ads, create a marketing funnel for promotion, remarketing, or retargeting. Content marketing is the very best part to build their personal brand and create face value for a company. Content marketing is the best tactic to drive traffic and engage customers in their service. 

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The problem is when students start learning digital marketing they have only theoretical knowledge about digital marketing their course duration is 6 to 9 months and they have only 2 to 3 months particle experience. In their digital marketing agency market, 75 presents of the company are very incapable of their own work and this is the dark part of this industry when student unlucky entered on thesis companies they facing lots of issues like they have no credential of any google analytics, webmaster or social media account they are work blindly and the only work they can do is off-page SEO and building backlinks. Seo is not like a straight line; it depends on lots of other factors.


And the worst part is companies are forced to create more and more backlinks no matter if it becomes spammy or anything. Fressers face lots of difficulties growing up and getting out of a trap. These types of companies waste your time and energy. Go out there and explore more and more about digital marketing. For example, learn content writing and content distribution, know what copywriting is, learn to automate email campaigns, learn how to build a personal brand, and Learn what is brand.



Continuously work on your belief system, don’t take decisions under any pressure, take time and see the market. The market tech you everything what and how’s going on.

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